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Who Maintains The Website?

I have been contracted by SF Vikings to maintain the website and create the schedule. If you have questions regarding either one, then contact me.

For questions regarding the league or registration, please contact the SF Vikings.

How Do I Update My Team Page?

Login to your user account via the [User Login] in the top-right corner.

Navigate to your team page

  • Click on [User Home], then click on your Team Name
  • Click on the drop-down menu Current Season => Team List, then click on the Team Name.

From your Team home page, click Edit Page.

A form will appear. Use this form to enter new information and details. After completing the inputs, click [Update Data] at the bottom of the form. The changes will be reflected in the team page.

You have to been recorded as a Team Manager for your team in order to edit it. Only current Team Managers can add or delete Team Managers.  This is done from the Team Page.  Click Roster, then Edit Roster.  Check the boxes to change user values.  Unchecking the active column just removes the person from the visible roster.  Typically the Team Manager is 'inactive'.

If you are a Team Manger, do not delete yourself from the roster.  If you do, it will require a site administrator to reinstate you.  Although, if there is another Team Manager they could reinstate you, but using the Add Roster link.

This should be intuitive, but if you have questions then please contact me.

Can I Make Schedule Requests?

The short answer is no, please don't make schedule requests.

If everyone does, then the schedule quickly becomes "un-doable". There are far too many teams - trying to accomodate scheduling request for that many teams is impossible.

Okay, with that said, if you really need one, I am willing to recognize the following requests ONLY:

  • Request for a special time on one particular date.

    For example: "On Sept. 27, can we get a 4pm kick off time?". I realize that from time to time we all try to fit in more than one event on a Saturday, so I can probably handle a few of these a season (limit 1 per team). Again, only make a scheduling request if you really need it.

The following request will NOT be accepted:

  • Time request for more than one weekend. The following example requests will not be accepted:
    • Can we have an 8:30 game every week? No
    • Can we have all morning games? No
    • Can you schedule all of our games for after 2pm? No

    It is not fair for any one team to make these request, else I would have to accept these request from all the teams.

  • Request for back-to-back games. The following example requests are not acceptable:
    • I coach 3 teams, can I have all the games back-to-back? No. This ends up being a burden on teams that have no requests, and so it leads to everyone making requests.  Only exception is if you coach 2 teams and they are in the same division - this is doable because they tend to be at the same field.
    • I have 2 children playing on 2 different teams, can I have their games back to back? No. If I did this I'd get over 500 requests, and then no one would get what they want.

Why Can't I See The Team Contact Phone Numbers?

Phone numbers are only visible to Team Managers after they log on.


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