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2019 Spring Season

 Microsoccer Season

Team registration for Spring 2020 Microsoccer is now closed.
To submit a schedule request form please click here.
For important dates please click here.
The Spring season will start on April 18th and there will be 6 games. 
Microsoccer is a developmental league, with no scores or standings being kept.  All players must play 50% of the game.
If you wish to check the rain out status of your practice field, then click this link

Looking for a team?


If you are a microsoccer player without a team interested in joining a microsoccer team for the season, go to



Spring 2020 Practice Field Process


SF Rec & Park will again be using the Spotery system this spring where you can select your practice field in a draft. Each team will be randomly assigned a draft position number and then will have a four-hour window to make their selection. Here are the details:


  1. Each team will receive a designated draft time (4 hours long) to make their pick. Draft times will be between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm each day
  2. In order to prepare for the actual draft SF Rec & Park will do a Mock Draft  (this is not a real draft and will have pretend field names) and it will give you a chance to test the system
  3. The Actual Real Draft will launch in June. Every team needs to participate in this draft in order to obtain a practice space.
  4. For each draft an email will be sent to the Authorized Drafter for each team.This is based on the Authorized Drafter Form submitted by each team's manager.
  5. The first time you receive an email, you will need to click on the link within to go to the Spotery website and create an account (once you click on the link – see the “Sign Up” in the upper right corner of the page). Once you register, you will receive another e-mail asking you to verify your account. Please note: You DO NOT need to create an account again if you have already previously registered your e-mail with the Spotery system either in the Mock Draft or for any previous drafts. You only have to register with Spotery once. However, Spotery has updated the security platform recently so you may be required to reset your password. If you have not logged into Spotery for a while, please do so to ensure you are able to so you are ready to go for the real draft.
  6. You will then go to “Access Draft” and select “My Teams” to see your team’s draft times and available practice field slots.
  7. Draft times issued are specific to the Authorized Drafter’s email of each registered team. If you log-on using another e-mail, you will not see your team(s) or your draft time(s). If you have more than one team associated with your email you will you will get a separate email for each team and you will see all of your teams listed when you log-on.
  8. If you can not draft during your time slot, please ask someone else associated with your team to do it. If you miss your time, you will have an opportunity to make a selection after the draft is completed. In addition, there will be an open window at the end of the draft where you can switch your selection to another open time.
  9. Some of you may have applied for a prioritized draft time in the Authorized Drafter form. That will be irrelevant for the mock draft, but SF Rec & Park will respond to your request before the real draft starts. Remember: Whether you are or are not approved, you will still need to participate in the real draft.



How to form a team


  • Have 10 players minimum and 13 players maximum
  • Have a livescanned coach
  • Have a livescanned team manager
  • Check this website for registration dates and season information
  • All players must play 50% of the game



General Information



There will be 3 divisions:

Pre-Kindergarten (currently called U6)

Kindergarten (currently called U7)

First Grade (currently called U8) 


Every team must have at least 10 players registered, but no more than 13.

Each season you will have an opportunity to make a bye request, but please note that if you request a bye, you will play one fewer game.

For teams that still find problematic schedule issues, the following applies:

  • No change will be made without the agreement of both teams. If your opponents are open to moving a game (which may require a team to play a second game in a weekend or a second game on the same day), we are happy to let you know if there are any slots available, with at least two weeks' advance notice.

    • Schedule Change Fee is $50 with minimum two weeks' notice.
    • Schedule Change Fee is $100 with less than two weeks' notice. 
    • Requests made less than one week in advance may not be considered because your current slot will not be available to others in time for its reuse and a $100 forfeit fee will apply. 

Questions ? Contact us

Office Staff: Jose Flores

President: Libby Rappolt


Micro Soccer has adopted two new forms of restarts that the US Soccer Federation has encouraged us to implement regarding throw-ins and goal kicks.
Throw-ins will be replaced with Kick-ins. This means anytime a ball goes out on the sideline the restart will now be an indirect kick (has to touch two players before a goal can be scored). The opponents must stand 3 adult steps away from where the ball is placed on the sideline.
The rational behind this is to help increase the repetition, that players at this age need, to develop their strike of the ball and to help increase passing ability.
Goal kicks will still be taken by the defensive team whenever the offensive team kicks the ball out of bounds on the end line. The difference will be that when the goal kick is taken the opposing team will have to drop into their own half behind the midfield line. The opposing team can cross midfield once the ball has been kicked.
For example, the blue team is attacking the red teams goal. A blue player takes a shot that goes wide of the goal so it is the red teams goal kick. As the red team sets up to take their goal kick every player on the blue team must drop into their own half behind midfield.
The rational behind this change is that often the team taking the goal kick cannot kick the ball far enough forward to clear it out of their area and then the offensive team comes straight back at them. In addition to that this also allows for a better concept of "building out of the back" and possession based soccer.  


Vikings Summer Camp


SF Viking Summer Camp has been around for years, yet for many of our soccer players it is their first camp experience.

Our staff consists of nationally licensed coaches, former professional, and college players, who were selected for their ability to teach and their passion for the game.

Our coaches ensure that players of every age and ability level will have fun learning the game of soccer. The low player to coach ratio enables the coaches to provide continuous attention and individual skills training.

The camp also provides a variety of group exercises, small-sided games, and full field matches.

In addition to this first class training every player will receive an official camp shirt, soccer ball, and bag. At the end of the week every player will also get a personal evaluation from the coaching staff.

We specialize in coaching soccer to 5-12 year olds.

For more information and to register please visit

Volunteer to Coach

It is not hard to be a coach. We will give you 4 balls, 8 flat cones, 4 tall cones and a bag. You run a play group and teach the concept of a boundary and to kick the ball in a direction. The game almost teaches itself, so you don't need any playing experience just a good attitude for managing kids.

Field Rules and Regulations


Regardless of SF Park and Rec rules at specific field locations, there are absolutely no alcoholic beverages allowed at the soccer matches. This means anywhere in the vicinity of the fields.

Also, please do not bring your dog to the field and ask a young child to stand off the edge of the field to "watch the dog" while the parent watches the game.

It is distressing to our field marshalls to have to watch a young child with a dog standing off alone. Please, keep your dog at home for the soccer game. This has caused situations where the field marshalls did not want to send the kids away, but the parent was then sending the kids away to comply with the "no dog" rule. Our Rec & Park permit states "NO DOGS" so please do not bring a dog to the playing field vicinity.

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